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  Recently, the news that U.S attack on China's Internet is always exposed. And the question of how to stay online safely raises a lot of discussion in our country.

  As a result, in the era of rapid development of network, we must take measures to protect our security of privacy and property effectively.

  From my perspective, in the first place, we should call attention to our personal information.

  Not only do we not offer them at random in some strange websites, but we need to distinguish right from wrong among the numerous websites.

  Furthermore, it is inevitable that some secure anti-virus soft wares can be installed.

  And it will make it possible for that network can run more steadily. In addition to doing some work by ourselves, the government needs to draw up some policies to preserve national cyber security.

  It involves probing for deeply rooted reasons, devising creative solutions, developing high-tech talents and strengthening the supervision.

  Although scientists still cannot overcome the problem completely, they are studying a great deal about how to protect our national cyber security.

  However, consciousness of cyber security should not decline. Only in this way, we just enjoy the convenience brought by the network.


  When a variety of problems plague the information systems, the critical importance of information security becomes the focus of people's concern.

  It does deserve the unprecedented emphasis.

  It is widely accepted that information security, to some extent, outweighs other spheres in the field of information. So the related authorities, enterprises, institutions and organizations place the high priority on it.

  Information Security concerns a range of problems- information interception, loss, damage etc. Business and military information leakage will have an devastating impact.

  For the information owners and monitors, they must drive their efforts to enhance the security protection and maintenance. For example, a strict control over the access to the secret data shouldn't be absent.

  The network and software provider should take a set of tailored protection measures targeting different computer crimes.

  The security issues should be also considered at the legislative level, so we are clamoring for a law designed to clamp down on various cyber crimes.


  The human beings are stepping into the information society. The information industry develops very rapidly, so do the hackers, trick-playing teens, exploring children, fraudsters, and serious white-collar criminals.

  Thus, information security becomes an impending important issue.

  In case of information breach, the victims-government department, an organization or an institution, or a company will inevitably suffer great or small loss. Government may be threatened with national security.

  Companies may lose opportunities to develop new projects.

  And the public's and users' confidence will be damaged.

  Then how to deal with this issue? Technology is only a partial solution to information security.

  What's more important is that organizations and companies should promote the awareness on information security to its staff.

  However, since no system can ever be 100 percent secure, a prevention-only approach to information security management is not enough.

  Companies and organizations should adopt a dual approach to information security management by combing prevention and detection techniques.


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