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  1. 环境破坏 environmental contamination

  Causes and harms:

  First and foremost, quite a few people Obtain Enormous Economic Benefits at the expense of our living environments. They put the economic interests in the first place while overlook the negative impact of environmental destruction. Secondly, industrial production has also caused severe damage and contamination to the environment.

  Environment destruction/contamination is a problem that can't be neglected: The contaminated air may damage people's health; the polluted water could poison creatures living in the water; soil contamination ,resulting from the over use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, is anther major hazard to people's health. (91 words)


  On the one hand, the authorities should make and implement relevant laws and regulations to impose a heavy penalty on those who destroy and contaminate the environment deliberately. On the other hand, factories should act to reduce the emission of pollutants by using purification systems. Last but not least, we, as individual earth citizens, should take practical actions, such as using cloth bags, reducing the use of vehicles and so on. Only in this way can we live in a better world. (86 words)


  Our living environment and some natural resources are being destroyed in the blind pursuit of GDP increase. At present, the ecology of our planet can hardly support the continuous expansion of heavy-polluting , high-consuming and low-profit production pattern. What's more, it is quite necessary that we have an objective understanding of the relationship between GDP increase and the ecological environment. The GDP increase which is achieved at the expense of human living environment and destroying our valuable natural resources (some of the resources are nonrenewable) is meaningless at all. To sum up, the blind craze for GDP increase must be stopped.(101 words)



  Firstly,the ever-increasing population is a leading cause of water shortage. As populations increase, the demand for water grows accordingly.

  secondly, people everywhere waste water without even realizing it: showers last too long, taps are left running and so forth.

  Last but not least, the industrial production will cause water contamination and it will also decrease the existing water resources further more.

  How :

  In view of the seriousness of the problem, effective measures must be taken before things get worse. For one thing, it is essential that laws and regulations be worked out and enforced impose a heavy penalty on those who waste or contaminate waster deliberately . Secondly, a large-scale education campaign should be launched to inform the public of the significance of economizing on water. With these measures taken, it is reasonable for us to believe that this problem can be perfectly solved in the near future .


  water shortage is still a serious problem threatening the existence and survival of the whole human being, and yet the phenomenon of wasting water can still easily be found anywhere in our daily life. For example, water taps are frequently left on by careless users. Someone even assumes that they have the right to waste water because they pay for it so that it has nothing to do with others. In fact, so precious is water that we cannot afford to waste it. Water resource is indispensable not only in our daily life but also in the industry and agriculture. And water is the wealth of the whole mankind, and it is hard to imagine what the world would be like when there is no more water.

  Even though an increasing number of people have become aware of this emergency, further measures still need to be taken. On the macro level, the whole world should make a joint effort to fight against waste of water. On the micro level, publicizing activities, such as broadcasting wonderful ways on how to save water on TV and other media, should be conducted. To store water means to store happiness and only by saving water can we save a better life for our offspring.


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