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    The winding roads in the forest are more poetic and romantic because of the twists and turns. A gripping movie is often full of twists and turns, which makes people have aftertasteWe should all face i
  • 转折
    People often say that life is a long road, and every crossing will be a turning point. At this moment, I stand at a turning point in my life, dazed and hesitation make my heart fluAt the turning point
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    People who are in a dilemma are more eager for the turning point of life, which can make their life leap in the fastest way.Look at the man who is buying the lottery ticket over th
  • 新“少年中国说”
    A hundred years ago, Mr. Liang Qichao cried out with his heart: "a strong youth means a strong country, and an independent youth means an independent country!" But Liang Gong's higIn addition, the tit
  • 在爱的牵动下飞翔
    Kite's pleaIn the blue sky, the birds are singing freely; in the breeze, the flowers are fragrant; looking up at the blue sky, I want to fly.I have accumulated all my strength and
  • 摆渡手
    Dad is a very strong man.My father and I live by each other.Since I was born, it seems that only this man is around me. As the cocoons on his hands thicken layer by layer, I grew u
  • 内心的独舞
    I am a little mouse dancing and singing alone, dragging the stumps, leaving footprints of different depths.The most dazzling stageSince I was born, I've been building this wastelan
  • 作文试题
    Composition questionsRead the picture materials below and write an article of no less than 800 words as required. Composition of college entrance examinationRequirements: choose an angle to conceive t
  • 作文试题
    Composition questionsRead the text below and write as required."You can't see the drizzle, you can't hear the idle flowers" is a famous sentence in Tang poetry. Some people say tha
  • 试题评析
    This is a material composition. The title first gives the material, and the material is composed of two parts: a couplet of Tang poetry and five kinds of understanding of it; then
  • 作文试题评析
    The composition proposition of the 2007 National Volume I is the same as that of the 2006 National Volume I, which adopts the life system thinking of new material composition. The
  • 试题评析
    In this year's national Volume II, the degree of praise and criticism seems to be not as good as in previous years, and the praise is not as much as in other provinces and cities. As a national volume
  • 有句话常挂嘴边
    What we often talk about is what inspires us all the time.In different situations, I will say different encouraging words to myselfWhen I am confused, I will say to myself: "peopleThird, the words and
  • 有句话常挂嘴边
    "There's a saying that's often talked about." at first, it's plain, and the details mean a long time. The topic is close to the examinee's reality and aims to inspire the examinee
  • 一步与一生
    In the six years of Jian'an, Sima Yi led tens of thousands of soldiers with Zhang jaw to refuse our division. The prime minister was afraid of robbing the pavilion and cutting my tAt the same time, it
  • 有句话常挂嘴边
    "Why am I so unlucky!"This is a sentence that some people often say after their life is not smooth, their career is frustrated, their interpersonal relationship is tense, they are This is an argumenta
  • 高考记言
    "Bang" a loud sound, colorful flame with dreams and hopes straight to the sky, across the quiet long night sky, leaving the most perfect brilliant track.I walked along the river anThe examinee is not
  • 品味高考
    (1)A few green tea leaves are lying quietly at the bottom of the teapot. At this time, the boiling water comes, and they begin to dance gently. As a result, the water becomes green
  • 作文试题
    2007 college entrance examination composition Sichuan volumeComposition questionsWrite an article on the topic of "one step and one life".Requirements: ① free choice of style. ② No less than 800 words
  • 试题评析
    After last year's test of students' writing ability on the topic of "asking", the propositioner did not continue the past, but suddenly changed his face, resolutely returned to theDue to the requireme
  • 一步与一生
    There is milky fog on both sides of the road. In front of it is a long and ancient road, which is mysterious.I'm going to follow this mysterious ancient road to find my own happy l
  • 有色眼镜引发的联想
    Walking into the optician's shop, there are many kinds of colorful glasses: thick ink, dark green, light orange, dark brown Pick one? Put on the thick ink, the black cloud is the tTake off the colored
  • 2003年高考北京满分作文?转折
    The process of life is like walking through a maze - endless and colorful, unpredictable. Just as you never know what is waiting for you at the next turn, you can only turn around
  • 列车•茶•春花
    The road of life is my own, no one can help me go on. However, I don't need to be afraid that the shadow's darkness will engulf the bright light of the sun. It's also a glory to fa"No," spring replied
  • 转折
    The Swedes of Poltava broke up.The Japanese carrier that attacked Midway Island sank.The emancipation proclamation was issued.The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central CommWe must be careful i
  • 《看着我的眼睛》
    Remember the story of Mermaid Princess and prince? In the face of the prince's holy invitation, the mermaid accepted it with tears and a smile. Even if the soft feet seem to slide
  • 转折
    I used to think that the world of words is boundless. How can I express my feelings with her?It's like a pen that doesn't know how much ink it is. How do you use it to work? DoodleInnumerable difficul
  • 转折
    I always thought that I was a polite student. See the teacher say hello, into the office call report, primary school has learned. But one day in senior high school, I found that thAfter that, my feeli
  • 转折
    The winding roads in the forest are more poetic and romantic because of the twists and turns. A gripping movie is often full of twists and turns, which makes people have aftertasteA turn in life, joy
  • 探知的阻碍
    Fanzhi took two bouquets of flowers to give to the Buddha, who said, "put them down." Fanzhi put down the flowers in his hand, and the Buddha said, "put it down." Fanzhi said, "wha
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