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  1. On Open Policy

  The open policy means that our country is open to investment, trade and technical and economic cooperation with other countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. The purpose of open policy is to acquire advanced technology, management skills to serve our socialist construction so as to promote the realization of the four modernizations. We must adhere to the open policy. Because economic relations between states today have become increasingly close, and no country can possibly advance behind close doors. Only in this way, can we gradually close the gap between our country and the developed countries. Through the implementation of policy, we can learn advanced technology and managerial expertise from abroad; make full use of the foreign capitals to set up great enterprises; absorb useful and healthy ideas and new knowledge of the modern civilization; and broaden our views and raise our level of competence. 学习网 http://Www.hxen.com

  2. The place of Science and Technology in Modern Life.

  Human life can not continue without science and technology. For many years, human society has developed with the advance of science and technology while the development of science and technology has in turn brought the process to mankind. So the life we are living now is more civilized than that of our fore fathers. The development of science and technology has brought about many changes in people's life. For example, the invention of television and space rocket has opened a new era for mankind. Through the use of TV people can hear the sound and learn the events happening thousands of miles away. Owing to the invention of spaceship and rocket, the dream of man's landing on the moon has now come true. Science and technology also play an important role in our socialist construction. We may say, our socialist construction is just like a skyscraper, while science and technology are its base. Without the base, the skyscraper can't be built. Therefore, we should try our best to contribute to the development of science and technology so as to provide a more solid base to build our country.

  3. Importance of Education本文来源:学习网

  China, as a developing country, is determined to catch up with and even surpass the developed ones. I think that one of the best possible ways to do so is to give first priority(优先)to the development of culture, science and especially education. In modern times, when science and technology are making great progress, the education of the work force is of primary importance. Moreover, many of the success in advanced countries have demonstrated that a nation 's prosperity mainly depends on the quality of its labour force, namely those who have been well educated. In a developing country such as China, our investment in culture, education and science, and especially elementary education, must enjoy top priority. This is crucial(决定性的)for China to catch up with the developed nations in today's surging(汹涌的) waves of technological revolution. Otherwise, the gap between China and advanced countries will be widened rather than bridged.

  4. Air Pollution来源:学习网

  Air pollution is one of the major problems of the modern world. A great deal of energy is needed to run the factories of modern industrial nations. Automobile, trains, planes and busses need energy, too. Nearly all of this energy is produced by burning fuels. The burning produces wastes, some of which remain in the air, causing air pollution. Scientists are finding ways to stop air pollution especially in big industrial areas and densely-populated cities. They are studying new ways of generating electricity that may be less damaging to the environment. In the meantime, many power plants are being modernized to give off less polluted material. Also, engineers try to design and locate new power plants to do minimum damage to the environment. However, it may be that we still have a long way to go before we have a clean world. Nearly all of the countries are trying hard to prevent and control air pollution. There indeed seems to be no end to tasks that environmentalists will be required to do. People will continually find new ways to control pollution.

  5. Environmental Protection

  Today the quality of our natural environment has become an important issue. The world population is rising so quickly that the world has become too crowded. We are using up our natural resources and at the same time polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals. If we continue to do this, life on earth cannot survive. Concerned people have made some progress in environmental protection. Governments of many countries have established laws to protect the air, forests and sea resources and to stop environmental pollution. Still more measures should be taken to solve environmental problems. People should be further educated to recognize the importance of the problems, to use modern methods of birth control, to conserve(保存) our natural resources and recycle(再循环) our products. We are sure that we can have a better and cleaner place in the future. 1/4 1234下一页尾页


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