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In the six years of Jian'an, Sima Yi led tens of thousands of soldiers with Zhang jaw to refuse our division. The prime minister was afraid of robbing the pavilion and cutting my throat, so he wanted to send troops to guard. I ask you to kill the enemy and be loyal to Shu.


At that time, there were Zhao Yun and Deng Zhi, who had gone through hundreds of battles, Gao Xiang, who were brave and hard to resist, and Wang Ping, who was cautious and good at planning. However, when Cheng met me, he was sincere and sincere, and set up a military order, and entrusted me with this important task. I was very happy.


When I arrived at the kiosk, I thought I was right and arrogant. I didn't listen to Wang Ping's good advice. I gave up the main road and stationed troops on the mountain. According to Sima Yi, he sent a large army to attack angrily, cut off the way to draw water, set fire to the mountain, and made a mess of our army. Our army is fatigued, dead or down, defeated. At this time, my heart is still cold!


The ancients said, "a slip of foot is a everlasting hate." Believe it!


At the beginning, Guan Gong galloped on the battlefield, conquered and invincible. In his whole life, he was defeated and killed in Mecheng. Why not? Is it that Guan Gong is not good at war or brave? No, people are strong and arrogant, weak and diligent, so is Guan Gong.


In the first World War of kiosks, I was arrogant and arrogant, and I went through the same mistakes as Guan Gong. Today, the prime minister's actions are inappropriate, which leads to the defeat of the army and the defeat of the general, and the loss of land and the fall of the city. This is a walk of the heart, this life hate infinite also!


I know that the time of great action is not far away. People say that "birds will die, and their voices will be sad; people will die, and their words will be good." now I will tell them from the bottom of my heart. I hope that the military generals in Shu will not talk on paper and act recklessly because they are full of reading military books, familiar with the tactics of war; do not rely on the strength of many soldiers and arrogant self-respect, and neglect the enemy unprepared. The so-called "full loss, modest benefit", when Mianzhi.


In my whole life, I fought in the East, accumulated in the present, killed countless enemies, and there was no resentment in the country and the people. However, the general situation of the world is not yet determined. I "lose everything by accident" and return my soul to the yellow spring, which is my great regret in my life. Fortunately, the prime ministers of Zhuge have masterminded strategies and masterminded things like gods. The generals of Shu can believe them and never disobey them.


It's hard to know that you should think of the danger in safety and never be afraid of the danger. You should never repeat our mistakes one step at a time. There are many outstanding talents in Shu camp. If we work together, we will be able to unify the whole country and revive the Han Dynasty. In this way, I will die with smile.


Sinner: Ma Su


Famous teachers' comments


There are two highlights of this article: first, the idea is unique, and the essay is skillfully solved in the form of bequeath. The author ponders the history, talks about his experiences as a famous general of the Three Kingdoms Ma Su, introspects himself, deeply reviews his crimes of disobedience, headstrong and making a great mistake for thousands of years, and admonishes the strategists and generals of Shu to take themselves as a mirror, not to talk about military affairs on paper and act recklessly because they are full of reading military books, familiar with the tactics of war, and not to rely on the strength of many soldiers to be arrogant, self respecting and unprepared for the enemy. We should keep in mind the maxim of "full loss, modest benefit" and encourage it from time to time. The words of the article are chiseled, the feelings are deep, the writing is fluent, and it is sincere and touching. 2、 The author is familiar with historical knowledge, the verve of the Three Kingdoms, and the classical Chinese techniques, so that he still gets relatively high marks in the examination room.


At the same time, it's also a composition that doesn't pay attention to the writing skills and details of the examination room, loses the kiosk and fails to get full marks. There are two serious mistakes: first, the analysis is not in-depth and the reasoning is superficial; second, the number of words is seriously insufficient, including punctuation, only 700 words.

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